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PostPosted: 2015/06/22 8:20    Post subject:

Hi, first thank for your response and sorry for my English, is very poor.


Horde hunter is just an example, if I have adequate equip, so my dps is at a decent level. 

The guild Wayward I have friendly relations, but i want to change. Realm, faction, language ... and Silvermoon is good server.


I want to play for Remminka. I know that ilvl is too low, but I believe that by the time I got into the raid on the mythic.

Applications I wrote more, I am now waiting and, if ilvl problem, I'll probably continue on horde realm or relax by WoW Happy

PostPosted: 2015/06/22 6:15    Post subject:

Hello Paul,


Thank you for your application. I'm a little confused - perhaps you can help. You have a Horde hunter that is reasonably geared, and that is the one you've given me logs for. But you also have an Alliance hunter that is not well geared and there are no logs.


Can you explain to me which character you are applying on?

Is it the Horde hunter and you will race change/server transfer or,

Is it Remminka which is already on Silvermoon?


I won't consider Remminka for 6.2 as the ilvl is too low, and I'd be concerned that it would be the 'alt' and you would continue playing your Horde hunter.


tag: Marvyn#2275

PostPosted: 2015/06/21 15:12    Post subject: App: Remminka

The application submitted by Remminka is as follows:

We are looking for committed players. Getting saved or raiding elsewhere on the character on which you are applying will result in immediate removal from the guild. Do you agree to this?:

The guild rules are published on the website and all members are expected to stick to the spirit. If you break the rules while on trial, your trial may be terminated. Have you read the rules?:


Character Name:


Mainspec / Offspec:

Please provide a link to your character's armory page:

Please provide a link to any significant alts if you think this would strengthen your application.:


Age :

Pavel (Paul)

Slovak Republic

What's are the names of your previous guilds and reason for leaving old guild / server?:
The Ârt of Warfare - only autoaccept

Do you know anyone from the guild that will recommend you?:

RAID AVAILABILITY - (raid times 20.00-23.00 realm time)








Would you talk us through your single target rotation, and also your aoe rotation pls.:
single on start Stampede, Dire Beast, Bestial Wrath. Very important it is to work with the Focus Fire. Classic rotation Kill Commnad on CD, Arcane, Cobra Shot, under 20% Kill Shot.
Aoe on start: precast Cobra shot, Cobrashot (talent Steady Focus, spam Multishot (Beast Cleave)

Please explain to us your talent build and glyph choice.:
Talents and glyphs depending on the situation

What's your stat priority and why do you choose this?:
Mastery, best stat on single. Increase dmg pet
Haste, best AoE stat. (fast regen focus, beast cleave pet)

What's the highest raid instance that you've completed, and which was your favourite boss in that raid.:
SOO mythic full clear(Siegecrafter Blackfuse, Malkorok). 4/10 mythic Highmaul (Butcher), 4/10 mythic BRF (Blast Furnace. Gruul)

Posting a link from World of Logs will strengthen your application - please post one if possible.:

Why apply with Decadence and how did you hear about us?:
I am looking for a guild that is the same or better level than my previous horde guild Wayward

What are your raiding ambitions? And what do you expect from raiding in Decadence?:
Ambitions, only regularly raiding. And what do you expect from raiding in Decadence? raiding peaceful, friendly people on TS3

Tell us a bit about yourself pls.:
Sorry but I do not like talking about myself. But peaceful and calm person.

Do you often experience connection/disconnecting issues? (if you have don't bother applying any further):

Please post your computer setup. (Ram, Cpu, Graphics card...etc):
AMD Core, 8gb ram, graphic AMD HD6870, SDD 250GB. Internet currently WiFi only, but in september otpical.

Do you have a working microphone? And will you use it?:
Yes, i have mic :)

/played time on the applying character.:
only 15 days (but on horde hunter over 200 days)

Do you have any open applications to other guilds?::
Epoch (Silvermoon)

How do you think about raiding achievements (timed and HARD mode encounters)?:
I have no problem with that

What do you think it means if we ask you to show up prepared for raids?:
Flasks, Potions (know use pre-pots), Foods (currently 125 mastery for bm hunter), Augment rune. Think positive :)

Last but not least: Please give us one very good reason why should we pick "YOU" specifically.:
I'm just a an ordinary man who wants to help with raid. Hunter is not main, but a matter of heart :D
Sorry for my english. Its very bad, but i learn.

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