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re: App: Fyrein

The application submitted by Fyrein is as follows:

We are looking for committed players. Getting saved or raiding elsewhere on the character on which you are applying will result in immediate removal from the guild. Do you agree to this?:

The guild rules are published on the website and all members are expected to stick to the spirit. If you break the rules while on trial, your trial may be terminated. Have you read the rules?:


Character Name:


Mainspec / Offspec:

Please provide a link to your character's armory page:


Age :



What's are the names of your previous guilds and reason for leaving old guild / server?:
No previous guilds

Do you know anyone from the guild that will recommend you?:
Already in the guild

RAID AVAILABILITY - (raid times 20.00-23.00 realm time)








Would you talk us through your single target rotation, and also your aoe rotation pls.:
Single Target Rotation: Jab and Expel Harm generate chi, Jab for single target, Expel Harm for when I need healing. Tiger's Palm and Rising Sun Kick applied whenever their buffs are almost out for dps boost. Chi Explosion used for excess chi and when other abilities are on cooldown. and Chi wave and Fist of Fury used whenever off cooldown. Chi Brew used to generate chi when out of energy, and also to generate Tigereye Brew stacks. Energizing Brew used to generate energy when out of Chi Brew stacks. Tigereye Brew used before Fist of Fury and when at 10 stacks. Will sometimes use Rushing Jade Wind before Fist of Fury regardless of number of targets for extra dps while I'm casting. Touch of Death typically saved for bosses, sometimes used on cooldown for maximum dps.

AoE Rotation: Rushing Jade Wind used when off cooldown and to generate chi, Expel Harm used to heal self and also generate chi. Jab used when neither are available. Tiger's Palm and Rising Sun kick used whenever their buffs are almost out, for dps boost. Fist of Fury used off cooldown, Chi Wave used off cooldown, Chi Explosion used at 4 stacks for AoE DoT. Buffs, resource gain and defenses used the same as Single Target Rotation.

Please explain to us your talent build and glyph choice.:
For the level 15 talent, I chose Tiger's Lust, as a high mobility spell when my roll is on cooldown.
For the level 30 talent, I chose chi wave as it allows me to heal and damage people without having to take time out of my dps rotations to aim a chi burst or zen sphere.
For the level 45 talent, I chose chi brew as it allows me to quickly gain chi when needed, and also generates a large amount of tigereye brew along with mastery.
For the level 60 talent, I chose leg sweep, as it is a good spell to instantly cast to disrupt multiple enemy spell casts, or to further lock down enemies after a fist of fury.
For the level 75 talent, I chose healing elixirs, because it acts as a safeguard, and also allows me to heal myself a large amount when using in conjunction with expel harm and chi wave, letting healers focus on others.
For the level 90 talent, I chose rushing jade wind, as it allows me to cast other spells while dishing out AoE damage, as well as generating chi.
For the level 100 talent, I chose Chi Explosion as Serenity was nerfed to 5 seconds, and all it really allowed me to do was spam blackout kick. Hurricane Strike doesn't seem that useful over Fist of Fury, leaving me with Chi Explosion, which amplifies my blackout kick, allowing for more dps.

What's your stat priority and why do you choose this?:
Agility>Haste>Critical Strike>Stamina>Everything Else

I choose this stat priority because the more agility I have, the more damage I do. The more haste I have, the lower my global cooldown and the faster my Fist of Fury can be cast, allowing me to output more DPS. Critical Strike further increase my damage ouput. Stamina for survivability.

What's the highest raid instance that you've completed, and which was your favourite boss in that raid.:
The highest raid instance that I've completed is Black Rock Foundry. Han'sgar and Franzok are is my favourite boss encounter because it allows me to utilize my high mobility well, and it's an overall fun boss encounter to me.

If possible, please post a link to a screenshot of your UI:

Why apply with Decadence and how did you hear about us?:
I'm already in the guild in game, and the guild seems like a nice bunch. I heard about you through zone chat in Stormwind City, from the player Northgard.

What are your raiding ambitions? And what do you expect from raiding in Decadence?:
I'm just looking for people who can I weekly meet up and play games with. A welcoming community that likes to have fun, but also wants challenges, together. Decadence seems like this.

Tell us a bit about yourself pls.:
I'm 18, I'm from the UK, I'm usually quite shy on mic until I'm comfortable with people,

Do you often experience connection/disconnecting issues? (if you have don't bother applying any further):

Please post your computer setup. (Ram, Cpu, Graphics card...etc):
I'm actually upgrading my computer very soon (within a week) so I'll post the specs of that one:

16GB of RAM
i5 4690k 3.5 GHz CPU
GTX GeForce 970 4GB GPU

Do you have a working microphone? And will you use it?:
Yes, and yes.

/played time on the applying character.:
7 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes, 44 seconds.

Do you have any open applications to other guilds?::

How do you think about raiding achievements (timed and HARD mode encounters)?:
I'm all up for raiding achievements. I find them fun and challenging.

What do you think it means if we ask you to show up prepared for raids?:
It means you want me to show up before-hand, ready for invitations, with all my appropriate and needed setups on hand, and to have time available for the next few hours in order to raid.

Last but not least: Please give us one very good reason why should we pick "YOU" specifically.:
Because I'm a posh bastard from Cambridge that's fun to be around, that's why.

In-Game Guild Master

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re: App: Fyrein


Hello Ben,

I've seen you being quite active in guild chat. You're a very new player to the game and don't seem to have a lot of experience :)

We have lots of melee players at the moment and aren't really looking to add another mistweaver at the moment.

If you are looking for some advice on your character, I would suggest talking to Alemuffin as he plays Windwalker and Mistweaver and is pretty good.


For the time being, perhaps you can tag along to get a flavour of guild raids by coming along to an alt (alternative character) run on a Friday or Saturday - ask in-game. We are doing normal Hellfire Citadel at the moment.

It'll give you an idea of what it's like and we'll be able to see if you have any potential for more difficult content.

iLvL isn't the be-all to end-all. Skill > gear - but you can have great skill, but if your gear is lacking it will hold back your performance, so try to work on this as well. There are several catch-up mechanisms for gear in the game:

 - Mythic difficulty dungeons drop 685 gear (chance of 705)

 - Tanaan Jungle has some 650 drops, and gets you crystals to upgrade gear a little further

To name but a few.





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