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re: App: Achellis


Hello Achellis,


Thanks for taking the time to complete a very detailed application.

Would like to speak to you before offering you a trial spot.

Can you contact me in-game on Battetag Marvyn#2275. Have also mailed you in-game.



Marvyn (GM)


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re: App: Achellis

The application submitted by Achellis is as follows:

We are looking for committed players. Getting saved or raiding elsewhere on the character on which you are applying will result in immediate removal from the guild. Do you agree to this?:

The guild rules are published on the website and all members are expected to stick to the spirit. If you break the rules while on trial, your trial may be terminated. Have you read the rules?:


Character Name:


Mainspec / Offspec:

Please provide a link to your character's armory page:

Please provide a link to any significant alts if you think this would strengthen your application.:
I have no alts, only my paladin Achellís.


Age :

Karim Toma

A small town called Kauhajoki, in southern Finland

What's are the names of your previous guilds and reason for leaving old guild / server?:
I have recently moved to Silvermoon, coming from Dragonblight. On Dragonblight I've been a member of a guild called Dragonsoul, a very friendly guild with mostly casual raiding, I've been there for quite a while including a somewhat long break, when I decided to move from my country -Egypt - to Finland. The atmosphere in Dragonsoul was pretty amazing, that's what had me sticking around there for a while despite the fact that raiding wasn't at all satisfactory, at least for me. So I made up my mind, and decided to leave Dragonsoul for good in search for a more hardcore raiding guild, whos goals fit in my scheme, however with the very limited choices available on Dragonblight, I decided to change realms entirely, moving to Silvermoon and joining Offspring - my current guild - based on the fact that it looked like a pretty stable/hardcore raiding guild with 5/7 mythic HM exp pre BRF. Sadly I got to know that offspring had a massive roster crackdown right before I joined, with many core players leaving/quitting, while the officers and the GM did their best in an attempt to restore the guild's glory, it wasn't enough to get the guild to start mythic BRF progression - even with 10/10 hc clear - players including some of those who recently joined started leaving the guild in search for quicker BRF mythic kills, leaving the guild management totally burned and eventually hopeless, leading to a sad end of the Offspring era, and an end for the guild progress.

Do you know anyone from the guild that will recommend you?:
Not at the moment

RAID AVAILABILITY - (raid times 20.00-23.00 realm time)








Would you talk us through your single target rotation, and also your aoe rotation pls.:
Ret pally rotation is originally bit challenging, due to the proc nature of the spec, which gets a lot more tricky once 4 t17 pieces are obtained, since I already have the 4 set,
I will be discussing that:
The general order of the spells to be cast, from the hardest to the lightest hitter is as follows:
Execution sentence > Hammer of wrath > Tempelar's Verdict > Divine Storm > Crusader Strike > Judgement > Exorcism, the exact same rotation apply for both ST and AoE, with the exception of
Divine storm pulling ahead of Tempelar's Verdict vs 2 or more targets, as well as Crusader Strike being replaced by Hammer of the Righteous vs 4 or more targets, and Execution sentence being replaced
by Light's Hammer on steady/heavy AoE fights (Beastlord - Thogar - Maidens - Tectus etc).
-However, this priority changes massively depending on the current beneficial procs/buffs the paladin has (5 different in total) as follows:
1-Execution sentence / Light's hammer always comes 1st.
2-Hammer of Wrath is used during Avenging wrath as soon as it is off CD, regardless of the paladin having the related 4t17 buff or not, since it's a limited resource during the 20
sec of Avenging wrath, after Avenging Wrath ends, Hammer of Wrath proc due to its very short uptime (8 sec) is used as follows - from the most preferable to the least - rather than waiting and wasting it
(1.When it will grant the 4set proc + one holy power - 2.When it is about to expire, and will grant the 4set bonus tho holy power is capped/no holy power gain - 3.When it's about to expire but
will grant one holy power and overwrite the 4set proc 4.When it's about to expire, will grant no holy power gain and will rewrite the 4set proc, still a very hard hitter.

3-Exorcism should be used in all cases provided that the paladin has the 4set proc + 2 holy power or less, otherwise it's saved unless there's absolutely nothing else to
cast, then it is better cast than having a rotation gap.

4-Tempelar's Verdict changes to Final Verdict as a ret paladin level 100 talent, which grants the next Divine storm a 100% increase in damage and 50% in range, thus
for aoe fights both Final Verdict and Divine storm are cast in turns, except for the rare situation where a Divine Crusader proc (known as empowered divine storm - free divine storm
cast with 50% more damage) or a Divine purpose proc (free finisher - in that case divine storm) is about to expire, or the adds/aoe target is about to die, then it's better to cast
it right away rather than wasting it. The Final verdict buff to Divine storm should under no circumstances be overwritten by another Final verdict in an AoE fight.

5- Divine storm is used on ST fights only if both Final Verdict buff (100% more damage - 50% range) and Empowered Divine Storm (Free, 50% more damage) co-exist, otherwise
it's Final Verdict all the way for single target.

-Crusader Strike, Judgment and normal Exorcism are used when thee're are no procs available.
-Monitoring the proc of the trinket (Horn os creaming spirits) is very useful for a Ret paladin, as it grants 40%+ increase in holy damage resulting from certain abilities
(Final verdict - Divine storm mainly) and during the time the proc is up the priority changes a bit around, so both of those abilities come 1st - depending on the fight
if it's ST or AoE, as well as proc availability as mentioned, after the proc expires the rotation switches back.

Please explain to us your talent build and glyph choice.:
Talent choice is pretty simple, it relies on what's best for current gear level/fight type, as follows:
-Long arm of the low: by far the most handy speed boost among all 3 choices, due to the frequent need to quickly move on fights that require target change, position change etc etc, a perfect example is oregoreger fight, where this talent comes in super handy allowing quick short speed boosts while running between ore boxes.
-Hand of Justice/repentance: mostly for trash, has no eal major effect on boss fights.
-Selfless healer: sometimes useful to throw in a quick instant self heal, tho with 4 set bonus such a rotation gap that allows the use of this talent rarely happens, still the most useful among all 3 choices.
-Clemency/Unbreakable spirit: Better self survivability vs Better hand duty, on fights like Blackhand for instance Clemency allows better utilization of hand of protection on marked for death targets, as well as hand of sacrifice on tanks who are frequently soaking, while on fights like Blast Furnace Unbreakable spirit provides better damage reduction from Blasts/bombs/ruptures.
-Divine purpose: the talent of choice for almost all situations as soon as the paladin acquires the 4t17 set bonus, except on rare occasions on very short fights (butcher mythic - gruul heroic for example) where Sanctified wrath coupled with Seraphim (level 100 talent) has the upper hand.
-Execution sentence for ST fights - Light's hammer for Steady/massive AoE fights.
-Final verdict: the talent of choice for all fights, except on the rare occasions when it's replaced with seraphim for short fights, as mentioned before.

As for glyphs:
-Generic winners are glyph of Templar's Verdict, a high uptime 10% damage reduction from all sources, glyph of mass exorcism on heavy AoE fights, and glyph of double jeopardy for a slight boost in Judgment damage on different targets.
-Other glyphs come in handy on multiple fights, any fights with hand duty on tanks included requires the usage of glyph of hand of sacrifice, allowing the paladin to take no damage while the target receives a free 30% less damage taken, usually works best with the talent Clemency.
-Glyph of Divinr Protection grants 20% physical damage reduction, very handy on fights like butcher mythic, where the talent Unbreakable spirit is used.

What's your stat priority and why do you choose this?:
Stat priority for ret paladins is straight forward depending on the greatest gain:
Strength > Mastery > Haste (15% buffed) > Multistrike/Crit > Versatility/Excess Haste
Haste gains more value as the paladin acquires 4t17 set bonus, getting very close in value to mastery.

What's the highest raid instance that you've completed, and which was your favourite boss in that raid.:
I would say it's by far, one of my all time favorite raids, as I'm a fan of the original Warcraft lore, so you might have guessed it already, my favorite boss is the lich king himself!! (surprise).

I still have this on my computer, never thought about removing it:

If possible, please post a link to a screenshot of your UI:

Posting a link from World of Logs will strengthen your application - please post one if possible.: /

Why apply with Decadence and how did you hear about us?:
I have been doing a a research regarding raiding guilds on Silvermoon, after Offspring announced retirement. I got to know more about Decadence through WoWprogress, and a bit more about the overall guild performance through Warcraftlogs.

What are your raiding ambitions? And what do you expect from raiding in Decadence?:
I do expect a stable/friendly environment where raiding end game content is the goal out of each and everyone in the raid team, one that I can be part of, allowing me to prove my skills and eventually defeating the hardest raid encounters out there, in a timely fashion.

Tell us a bit about yourself pls.:
My name is Karim, a 27 year old Egyptian male, I'm working currently as a doctor in a small healthcare center in Kauhajoki, Finland. Outside of work I have few activities, a very important one is bodybuilding, which I do 6 days per week, around 1-2 hours each day, nights are mostly reserved for WoW, with raiding-free nights occupied by some medical studies, bit of socializing, and partying on free weekends. I speak Arabic - my mother tongue, as well as Advanced level American English, Advanced level Finnish, and little French.

Do you often experience connection/disconnecting issues? (if you have don't bother applying any further):

Please post your computer setup. (Ram, Cpu, Graphics card...etc):
I own an ASUS republic of gamers laptop, on which I play WoW, 8GB of DDR3 memory, Intel Core i7 3.2 CPU, Geforce GTX 770m 2GB Graphics card, FPS in 20-25 man raids floats between 40-50, with no lag issues of any kind.

Do you have a working microphone? And will you use it?:
Yes, I do have a perfectly working mic, I've no problems whatsoever using it accordingly, whenever needed.

/played time on the applying character.:
398 days, 1 hour, 12 minutes as I'm writing this application.

Do you have any open applications to other guilds?::
Not at the moment

How do you think about raiding achievements (timed and HARD mode encounters)?:
A natural outcome for hard work and dedication, a fitting reward for persistence, a satisfying end that comes only through organized team work, overall something that gives you the full right to brag about, where you've more than earned it, and has a different taste than all normal/average hard achievements, basically my type of taste !

What do you think it means if we ask you to show up prepared for raids?:
It's the very least required from a proper raider to show up prepared and on time for raids, having the need to point that out means the very basic foundation of dedicated raiding doesn't exist, I assure you that this is something guaranteed once I show up to any raid.

Last but not least: Please give us one very good reason why should we pick "YOU" specifically.:
I know for a fact that I lack recent mythic raid experience, it's not a secret, but for me I can say that I'm a player who knows how to learn rather quick, who has been under pressure in multiple previous hardcore raiding guilds as well as real life pressure as a Doctor, hence my skill to perform under pressure, being on schedule, learning quickly, and yielding quality results, I know my class inside out, and I can execute a perfect rotation with my eyes closed, having played on the very same character for over 6 years, adapting to all kind of class changes, I'm (The) paladin, that will fit more than perfectly into your raid team, not only that, but also top the meters. Apart from that, I'm an intelligent being, far from a trouble maker, who also values the importance of the social aspect of the game, fully respecting those who play by my side.

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