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re: App: Delathim


Guild have disbanded.

Just wanted to let u know, so u dont sit here and wait for an answer ;)


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re: App: Delathim

The application submitted by Delathim is as follows:

We are looking for committed players. Getting saved or raiding elsewhere on the character on which you are applying will result in immediate removal from the guild. Do you agree to this?:

The guild rules are published on the website and all members are expected to stick to the spirit. If you break the rules while on trial, your trial may be terminated. Have you read the rules?:


Character Name:


Mainspec / Offspec:

Please provide a link to your character's armory page:

Please provide a link to any significant alts if you think this would strengthen your application.:
All Ragmus'es on EU are me. Also Delathim of Twisting Nether.


Age :

Şahin Tuzcukaya


What's are the names of your previous guilds and reason for leaving old guild / server?:
I've never had a stable guild on my Paladin, and Horde doesn't really interest me anymore. Also I want the Ashbringer :3

Do you know anyone from the guild that will recommend you?:

RAID AVAILABILITY - (raid times 20.00-23.00 realm time)








Would you talk us through your single target rotation, and also your aoe rotation pls.: for ST, I just pot up, pop wings and seraphim and exec. sentence. Other than the opener, it's just a priority system. Emp. DS -> HoW -> Exo -> CS -> Judge. And AoE it's just Divine Storm in TV's stead.

Please explain to us your talent build and glyph choice.:
Well I'm nowhere near full T18 but Seraphim does the most of the dps, and Holy Avenger adds more to the initial burst and a stable HP generation. Glyphs are pretty set in stone, TV for less damage taken, judgment for target switches and HoS for a full HoS duration.

What's your stat priority and why do you choose this?:
Strength > Haste > Mastery > Multistrike = Critical Strike > Versatility. It's the Seraphim users' stat weights.

What's the highest raid instance that you've completed, and which was your favourite boss in that raid.:
Well in this tier I've done 2/13 Mythic on my Warlock, and my fav. boss in HFC has to be Archimonde.

If possible, please post a link to a screenshot of your UI:

Posting a link from World of Logs will strengthen your application - please post one if possible.:
I don't have any fresh logs

Why apply with Decadence and how did you hear about us?:
I tracked you down in wowprogress. Your progress is good and similar to mine, and I think I'd be a great asset to your team.

What are your raiding ambitions? And what do you expect from raiding in Decadence?:
I don't really have any high ambitions other than to kill bosses, get loot and repeat every week till it's all cleared really. From Decadence, I'd expect a stable raid group made of friends.

Tell us a bit about yourself pls.:
Well I do some part-time work as an IT guy for a small travelling company. Other than that, I just sit on my PC and play WoW. Sometimes I sleep. That's pretty much me.

Do you often experience connection/disconnecting issues? (if you have don't bother applying any further):

Please post your computer setup. (Ram, Cpu, Graphics card...etc):
i7-2600k, 16gb RAM, GTX980

Do you have a working microphone? And will you use it?:
Yes it's working and yes I can use it

/played time on the applying character.:
28 days on this Pally. I probably have over 600 combined.

Do you have any open applications to other guilds?::
I do not.

How do you think about raiding achievements (timed and HARD mode encounters)?:
I'm not much of an achievement hunter either way so I'm pretty neutral about them. If my friends wanna do it, then sure why not?

What do you think it means if we ask you to show up prepared for raids?:
Being gemmed and enchanted, bringing food and buffs and shit to the raid and be on time. What else is there to ask for?

Last but not least: Please give us one very good reason why should we pick "YOU" specifically.:
Like I said and I'm not just tooting my own horn here: I'm a great asset and a raider to any raiding guild. I got no life, I got a decent PC and I'm reasonably skilled & level-headed for raiding - which is pretty much all I do.

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